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Sharewell, located at Keele Street and Major Mackenzie Drive, aims to enhance the public realm, and provide local conveniences and transit connectivity for residents. Residents will rediscover the best of urban living. Its integration of premium amenity spaces, proximity to Maple GO station, and retail experience at-grade will ensure that the needs of residents are met and exceeded. This pedestrian-friendly and community-oriented project will make Sharewell the standard for mixed-use development in Vaughan and the GTA.

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The Neighbourhood

Keele Street & Major Mackenzie Drive


Enhanced linkages to surrounding key destinations through wayfinding and proximity to existing or proposed transit services. Connection to existing networks allows for a flow of movement, which brings people to places of opportunity.


Strategic connections to and from the site allow for greater circulation and walkability. Permeable design pierces the urban fabric to invite residents and visitors to experience the range of programming offered throughout the site while promoting ease of movement, enhanced views, and integration into the overall community.

Active Public Realm

Publicly owned spaces animate the street through retail frontage while acting as a key destination for pedestrians. A well-designed public realm is accessible by everyone and reinforces the unique community identity formed by active uses at the ground level while serving as the heart of development through streetscape design.

Curated Amenities

Recreational activities provided throughout the site cater to the various needs of residents. Curated amenities contribute to a richer experience and allow the site to act as a community hub.


Quality public spaces are strategically designed to promote community identity. These human-scaled spaces are fabricated according to residents' lifestyle needs and capitalize on a local community’s assets to achieve public health, happiness, and overall wellness.

Our Story

As a division of Greenpark Group, Trinity Point’s foundation is built on a team of experienced professionals who compliment and inspire each other. Each member has honed their craft with the country’s leading developers and homebuilders and we all share a unique vision for the future of this industry. Together, we have developed a method and multi-faceted design process that sets us apart. Every community we build is a proud testament to our ability to deliver the highest quality and craftsmanship to buyers from all walks of life.

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Keele Street & Major Mackenzie Drive
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